What Is Chiropractor

What Is Chiropractor Theory?

What Is Chiropractor Theory?

What is chiropractic? Well, it is an extremely important question that needs to be answered by you or someone you know that is involved with this type of treatment.

what is chiropractor


A chiropractor is basically a kind of alternative medicine, most often associated with back pain, which primarily deals with the correction and treatment of physical conditions of the soft-muscular body, specifically in the spine. Some of the major groups of chiropractors and most professional medical groups, especially those which adhere strictly to the traditional chiropractic theory, find themselves in conflict with mainstream medicine because of some of the controversial methods and approaches they employ to treat patients.


There are actually a number of theories that fall under the umbrella of a chiropractor. The most prevalent among them are as follows: subluxation theory, energy-balance theory, neuromusculoskeletal theory, and reflexology theory. You will need to determine what you believe is the primary reason why you are having difficulties with your back, neck, and shoulder pain before you seek chiropractor treatment.


Subluxation theory states that the intervertebral discs between the vertebrae can be compressed, causing pain. Chiropractor spinal manipulation is normally done for this purpose.


Nerve theory states that the nervous system is related to movement and tissue of the spine. This theory is based on the idea that nerves are directly linked to spinal movements. This theory is often used to treat problems involving the nervous system that can result in pain. For instance, this theory is used to help treat arthritis and other spinal-related diseases.


Energy Balance Theory suggests that the energy levels of various parts of the human body are affected. This theory also deals with the way energy is distributed throughout the body and how it can affect health and energy levels. The Energy-balance theory is usually employed to treat problems with pain.


Omnipotency Theory suggests that many health conditions may be rooted in the spinal column itself, including spinal pains. Many doctors who are advocates of this theory believe that chronic problems such as back pain may be caused when there are too many vertebrae and discs in the spinal column.


Manipulation theory refers to the way in which a chiropractor uses manipulation and spinal adjustments to correct a patient’s problem. Manipulation involves the use of a special instrument known as a chiropractor probe. and is usually performed while a patient is lying on the chiropractor’s table or sometimes even laying down. This technique involves the use of hand movements that are meant to loosen up muscles and loosen the ligaments that tend to trap the bones and the discs within your spine, allowing the soft tissues to slip into place to alleviate the problem.


Spinal Release theory states that your spine is connected to the rest of the body. When your spinal structures and discs are affected, you could experience issues that can range from muscle pain to problems related to circulatory processes. This theory states that the only way to fix this problem is through proper spinal manipulation and adjustments.


Spinal Artery theory states that the vertebrae theory states that there are different sets of nerves that are linked to each vertebra. These nerves can become very tight, causing pain, if they are not properly maintained. Chiropractor spinal manipulation can be used to help these nerves relax, thus relieving the pain.


Spinal Sympathectomy theory states that the nervous system itself is actually responsible for causing the pain, and if the spinal column has been damaged or the vertebrae have been destroyed, then it is possible for the nervous system to no longer function properly. Chiropractor spinal manipulations can be used to either help repair the nerves or to completely remove them so that it is able to function again.


What Is Chiropractic? If you have a question concerning chiropractic manipulation, you might want to research the various theories associated with it.

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